The Place I’ve Been…

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve been here.  I have been somewhere else. It has kept me from blogging.  Writers know this place as Revisionland. Revisionland is like a quicksand.  Once you step in, it is hard to get out.  In fact the only way you can get out is by slowly working your way to freedom, one word at a time.  

But while Revisionland has kept me from blogging, it has not kept me from biking.  The fresh air was good for me. Last night I didn’t get around to it until dusk.  A gimpy-legged raccoon scuttled across my path.  Crows mobbed a great horned owl who had come out on a limb a bit earlier than usual. And now, like all days after I ride, I have these great images. Images that some day might help me escape Revisionland…


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Cool Ride

If you’ve been around for a while you may remember a post titled Destination Equals Motivation.  Today, my daughter and I set out for a ride that was completely motivated by the destination.  That and the beautiful weather! Just for a change of pace, I’m going to present it as a photo essay.

On the way way to our destination we passed trees that bloomed against antebellum backgrounds.


...and boats being swarmed by gulls...


Finally we reached our destination!


We parked our bikes in front of a broad swing and sat to enjoy our shaved ice on the most beautiful day so far.


But clouds rolled in and suddenly eating shaved ice on a swing facing the sea (and its breeze) became a very cold thing to do. So we sought shelter at a friendly store.

So… riding toward a shaved ice stand and seeking shelter in a candy store may not be the best way to get into shape.  But in our defense, someone did walk into the store and say, “It has dropped ten degrees in the last ten minutes.”  And it was a very nice afternoon with a daughter who loved both of the desinations.

That’s her shaved ice hanging from the handlebar, by the way.  It was too cold to eat!  And it didn’t spill on the ride home. 

Hopefully the small successes really do count for something.

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The Sprint

I was reading an article about exercise bikes where trainers experimented with making clients alternate all-out sprinting with a comfortable pace. They found that this technique helped burn a healthier percentage of fat. (If I come across the article again I’ll give more exact data… but there are so many magazines and papers in my house that I’m making no promises here.)

Anyway, I thought I could apply this principle to The Hot Pink Bike Route.  So every day that I rode last week I looked for patches of road where there wasn’t too much traffic and there weren’t too many driveways.  Then I sprinted. In the short-term, I can tell you that this technique definitely increases heart rate.  And it isn’t too hard either!  We’ll see where it takes me in the long run.

It is still quite chilly here, so I’ve been riding in the mid afternoon — something I avoid in the warmer months.  But with the sun overhead I was able to get some cool pics of the shadows my wheel was making.

Onward I roll….

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Blooming in Beaufort

One reader’s comment on my last post made me want to share more blooms with you.  Yes, we have blooms in Beaufort!  This is largely because there are a lot of sasanquas around.  In most parts of the country these plants bloom in the fall, but they are full of blooms in the winter here.  Our autumns are a bit like summer. 

My daughter took these photos yesterday when the whole family went on a ride.  It was a great day for it and it is always easier to make yourself exercise when family does it with you. 

After the ride we came home and were spurred to exercise further when my daughter initiated the “home Olympics” with the help of the Wii. I found out that I’m the worst runner in the family. (Still wondering how I managed to fall down so many times on screen while still standing up…) But hoola-hooping — I owned it!

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Something Beautiful

It rained here all morning (again) but the sky was blue and beautiful by the time my children were out of school.  Maybe that is why my daughter noticed the tree full of pink blooms on our way home. “Can we get a tree like that?” she asked.

We were moving too fast for me to see what kind of tree it was, but I resolved to check it out from the vantage point of a bike rider later.  Of course I should have known that it would be the “loveliest of trees”.  As beautiful as this cherry tree was from a car window, its gorgeous blossoms looked even more beautiful against sky.

And it was a particularly nice ride because I somehow convinced my teenaged son, whose birthday is TODAY to go with me.  (Of course the PE department at his school had my back.  He has to fill out a weekly exercise log!)

There is always something beautiful to see on the bike route.  I’m over halfway through the proposed timeline for this blog and every time I roll back into my driveway, I am still glad that I made the effort to roll out of it to begin with.

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I’m back finally and forever… or at least until the end of the school year, as promised.

So…. January has rolled right by with very little pedaling from me.  I did a week long residency the second week of January, came home with a rotten cold which lasted most of the third week, and then went back to finish the residency for the fourth week.  But now I am home.  And the bike, of course, was still waiting in the shed.  Since ignoring a waiting bike isn’t what I promised to blog about, I resumed my bike riding routine today even though I have to honestly say that I’ve been wondering why I thought I could write about biking for something like 180 days.

But at least today while pedaling I was hit with inspiration for the title of my professional blog!  The Hot Pink bike route is my training blog.  And I’ve learned tons.  But I want and need to start a writing-related blog.  I haven’t been able to come up with a concept that hasn’t been done or a title.  

Biking is great for thinking, and today the concept for the new blog all came together.  So I peddaled home as fast as I could to try to claim the blog title.

But alas, the title was claimed in 2006 by someone who has NEVER MADE A POST!  Come one WordPress!  Boot the deadbeats!  Gimme my long-sought URL!

Okay, at this point you are wondering how these ramblings relate to biking.  I will tell you: Biking is good for thinking! 

I guess I will have to bike again tomorrow and hope that a new title hits me.

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Still Blogging

I have not given up on blogging and here is the proof:

Last week I worked as an artist in residence in a Greenville school and I spent a good part of the after school hours creating a poetry blog for the school.  It’s a lot harder, I must say, to incorporate so much information about so many people into one blog. So I haven’t been here lately at the hot pink bike route.  But I’m back, and still committed to the exercise routine and to biking (though it was kind of fun to blog about something else for a while).

More soon!

This gumdrop and toothpick creation by one of my students this week is not unlike a bike wheel! 🙂

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