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The Final Stretch

So.  There are 3 and a half more weeks of school and that means 3 and a half more weeks of this blog!  Somehow, having the end in sight is having an effect on me that is quite the opposite of what seeing a finish line does to a racer.  I promise to post more often in the blog’s final days, however.

One of the best things about starting this journey is that I’ve gotten my exercised challenged husband to start riding with me.  He comes along about 25% of the time, and he came along tonight.  It was unusually cool.  The green leaves seemed greener than usual.  The darkening sky bluer. We had to dodge a tiny little bird that was taking a sand bath in the road. (Yes, there is sand in the road down here.  There is sand everywhere.)

The weather was so perfect that we took the longer of our two standard routes. And I have nothing extremely interesting to report!  I’m just here to say I did it!  And you should too.


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Cool Ride

If you’ve been around for a while you may remember a post titled Destination Equals Motivation.  Today, my daughter and I set out for a ride that was completely motivated by the destination.  That and the beautiful weather! Just for a change of pace, I’m going to present it as a photo essay.

On the way way to our destination we passed trees that bloomed against antebellum backgrounds.


...and boats being swarmed by gulls...


Finally we reached our destination!


We parked our bikes in front of a broad swing and sat to enjoy our shaved ice on the most beautiful day so far.


But clouds rolled in and suddenly eating shaved ice on a swing facing the sea (and its breeze) became a very cold thing to do. So we sought shelter at a friendly store.

So… riding toward a shaved ice stand and seeking shelter in a candy store may not be the best way to get into shape.  But in our defense, someone did walk into the store and say, “It has dropped ten degrees in the last ten minutes.”  And it was a very nice afternoon with a daughter who loved both of the desinations.

That’s her shaved ice hanging from the handlebar, by the way.  It was too cold to eat!  And it didn’t spill on the ride home. 

Hopefully the small successes really do count for something.

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The Sun is Out!

The sun is out!

The sun is out!

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

The sun is out!

The sun is out!

I rode my hot pink bike today!

On cloudy days

I also ride

but then I’d rather

stay inside.

But not today.


The sun is out…

(I hope) to stay.



Can you tell that I

A) am excited to finally see the sun

B) love children’s poetry


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Can I just say that walking through grey mist on a grey day beneath wet, grey, Spanish moss is not helping motivate me to exercise?

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It doesn’t get any easier…

just rideI think the reason exercise routines (and even blogs) often fail is that it doesn’t get any easier.  You jump into something thinking that once you’ve gotten into the habit, something you’ve made a commitment to will come as easily as breathing.  But it doesn’t happen that way.  Not for me. 

In some ways it gets harder.  The excitement wanes.  But the bike is still there, just like it was the day I started.  Waiting.  Today, it is waiting in the cold, wet shed.  And I’m about to go out there and ride it. Here I go… I can do it… I can do it…

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Another Day, Another Ride

mansion, and moss

Beaufort SC is the perfect location for celebrating Halloween.  The Antebellum mansions, huge oaks with twisting branches, and clumps of Spanish moss swaying overhead like gray ghosts all help create the Beaufort’s spooky aura. (Never mind her bloody history of pirates and war.)  So I was motivated to ride today by thinking it would be neat to photograph some particularly well-decorated houses for the blog.

I seemed like a great idea!  I grabbed a camera and got the entire family to go along.  Unfortunately, while my idea was probably great yesterday, it wasn’t so hot today.  Because it turns out that most people do not wait until their pumpkins are moldy habitats for 10 million fruit flies before discarding them.

So this was the best picture I could get.  I’m not joking.

pumkins and pizza!

The party's over...

 Until I got home…

impaled pumpkins

impaled pumpkins

Don’t worry folks; we’ll throw the jack-o-lanterns away when you can’t see them for the flies.  In the meantime, if you want to see Halloween decorations in Beaufort, you’re going to have to hop on a bike and ride by my house.  None of this matters though!  What matters is this: another day, another ride.



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Back on the Bike

fair 015I hate to report that this weekend was total wash as far as The Hot Pink Bike Route was concerned.  I left Friday AM to the SC State Fair. So unless hiking two miles on concrete in search of a deep-fried snickers is considered exercise, I didn’t get any.  (Yes, the deep-fried snickers sounds repulsive, but I felt compelled to satisfy my curiosity.  Had I known that they came on a stick and looked like a corndog, I wouldn’t have been so curious. And yes, they are as repulsive as they sound. My 13-year-old son wouldn’t even eat it.  I’m happy to say it ended up in the trash.)

After leaving the kitchy State Fair, I headed for kitchy Myrtle Beach for a writer’s conference where I saw the beach… but didn’t walk on it. 

View from my window.

View from my window.

Then, because I followed Google Maps instead of Map Quest directions home, a 3.5 hour drive became a 5 hour drive and so I got home too late to bike. 

But the good news is that today I did ride!  Here’s my favorite thing I saw today:

Roots seeking water in the middle of the street.

Roots seeking water in the middle of the street.

Despite my weekend hiatus, I feel successful to have gotten back on the proverbial horse!

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