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Blooming in Beaufort

One reader’s comment on my last post made me want to share more blooms with you.  Yes, we have blooms in Beaufort!  This is largely because there are a lot of sasanquas around.  In most parts of the country these plants bloom in the fall, but they are full of blooms in the winter here.  Our autumns are a bit like summer. 

My daughter took these photos yesterday when the whole family went on a ride.  It was a great day for it and it is always easier to make yourself exercise when family does it with you. 

After the ride we came home and were spurred to exercise further when my daughter initiated the “home Olympics” with the help of the Wii. I found out that I’m the worst runner in the family. (Still wondering how I managed to fall down so many times on screen while still standing up…) But hoola-hooping — I owned it!


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Still Blogging

I have not given up on blogging and here is the proof:

Last week I worked as an artist in residence in a Greenville school and I spent a good part of the after school hours creating a poetry blog for the school.  It’s a lot harder, I must say, to incorporate so much information about so many people into one blog. So I haven’t been here lately at the hot pink bike route.  But I’m back, and still committed to the exercise routine and to biking (though it was kind of fun to blog about something else for a while).

More soon!

This gumdrop and toothpick creation by one of my students this week is not unlike a bike wheel! 🙂

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Red at Night

Anyone who blogs about the world around them should keep a camera with them at all times.  Because today when I tried to work in a last-minute ride I ran out of the door without one.  The ride was about half over when I rounded a corner changing my traveling direction from  north to west and saw the pinkest sky I have ever seen.  So I had to pedal home as fast as I could to get the camera before the sun finished setting even though I knew the lens couldn’t really capture the intensity of the color I saw.  (It didn’t!)

Still, I couldn’t help sharing this with you.  There is something about the sun setting over the marsh that brings peace.  I discovered this when we first moved here and lived for a short time in a home overlooking the marsh.  It was extremely therapeutic to sit on the porch at sunset! 

I was reminded of this today when I got off of my bike and walked to the water to take pictures.  In a season that is all hustle, the moment of peace I unexpectedly found on the bike route was welcome.

Whether you travel by bike, car, train, plane, or foot, here’s hoping you will find an unexpected moment of peace this season too.

I can’t help including the rather blurry one below because it is so beautiful!

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Long Week, Short Blog

No, I haven’t given up on my blog.  But I have to admit there have been times when I wanted to. Like this week.  It has been one of those weeks.  One of those pain-in-the-back (literally) weeks where it becomes impossible to do what you set out to do.   So I was unable to ride for reasons out of my control at the beginning of the week.  But today the decision about whether or not to ride was back in my control.  So I had a choice:  Get back on the bike and continue forward or … not.

I just got back from my coldest ride yet.  I think it doesn’t really matter what we do when we have weeks like this.  What does matter is the decisions we make when the worst is behind us and the choice is before us once again.

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Holiday Ride

Holidays add an extra helping of challenge to the exercise-challenged.  The question is can you pull yourself away from the guests, the kitchen duties,and the food long enough to work in a bike ride?  The answer: yes!  You have two choices:

1)Ride before the cooking starts.  This is what we did Thanksgiving morning. And we passed a yard where they had three huge pots over fires.  It smelled delicious.  What an extra bonus!

2)Ride after the eating ends. This is what we did today, the day our family actually cooked turkey and had a meal.  Somewhere between finishing dessert and washing 12 crystal goblets, we worked in a ride.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hooray for goals accomplished.

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