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Happy Trails

Well, the school year is officially over!  And so is this blog.  But the bike riding is not.  I am still going to attempt to ride every day, even though I know this will not always happen.

When I started this blog I called it a blog for the exercise challenged. Do I still think I am exercise challenged? Yes!

Have I lost weight? No!  Have I exercised more in the past 9 months than I did in the past 9 years? Yes!

Well, that’s something people.  At least I am rolling forward.  And I’ve met another goal I had coming into this: I’ve learned how to blog!  I’ll be starting a new blog with a writing theme soon.

For now I leave you one final pink gift captured today.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!



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The gnome is still reclining in front of the perfectly landscaped yard, but now a daisy hangs over his concrete head.  Thanks to the industriousness of the owners of his yard, his environment is always changing, but he never does.  As I approach the end of the road with this blog, I thought I’d do some reflecting on what’s changed. And what hasn’t. 

Some of the sights along the route have changed.  The octopus is no longer on the mailbox.  The fire hydrants have been freed of vegetation.

This is the one that looked like this before:

There are “for sale” signs where there weren’t before, and there are always those seasonal changes — berries and blooms that come and go, ever transforming the landscape.

But have I changed, or do I remain like the gnome, unchanging in an evolving world?

The change in me isn’t as dramatic as I’d have liked it to be, but yes, I’ve changed.  The main thing I changed was my exercise habit, even though  I did not manage to ride my bike every day.  Life happens.  I found that biking was not something I could do in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, til death…

But I did find that I could commit to attempting to ride every day.  And on the weeks where I couldn’t manage daily rides, I usually rode several times.  This is much more exercise than I was getting before I started the blog.  That’s a good thing.

My hope is to keep it up even after the days of blogging about the experience are over. Do I think I can do this? Yes!

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