It’s Not About Me

This time my post is not about me.  It’s about real athletes. Yesterday I attended the Beaufort Memorial Cycling Classic in downtown Beaufort.  My family stumbled across the event shortly after we moved here almost four years ago and we haven’t missed it since.

The things that I like about biking personally have little to do with type of biking featured in this event.  It’s exciting, for one thing!  Standing in the curb where tens of bikers fly by at over 30 mph is a dizzying sensation. You can even feel the wind churned up from their energy, which is energizing in itself. 

As I mentioned in the early days of this blog I consider myself exercise-challenged.  I am thankful to athletes like those competing in yesterday’s event for inspiring the rest of us.  Ride on!

These tires sure are skinny compared to those on the Hot Pink Bike!


Men wait at the starting line.

Racing down Bay Street.


Too fast to catch... on film.

Blowing by.


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  1. 1

    Shannon said,

    Love the Beaufort Memorial Cycling Classic! Hope you post more pictures.

    • 2

      kamikinard said,

      I did. There are more pictures in the Beaufort Gazette. And you are in them. As an onlooker! So am I. 🙂

  2. 3

    Anne Bingham said,

    Love the photo at the top of the blog. Really conveys a sense of speed! I feel as if those bikers are coming right out of the screen!

    • 4

      kamikinard said,

      It really is exciting to be there! I hope you’ll get to experience it some day. And glad the pictures kind of captured that.

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