I didn’t think of that…

So… while I’ve been waxing on about the benefits of outdoor exercise I neglected to remember the real enemy of those of us who prefer the great outdoors to the gym. It’s not the cold.  It’s not the rain. It’s the powdery yellow coating that covers the otherwise beautiful greens, pinks, and purples of spring: pollen.

Two weeks ago I could barely breathe, much less bike. It was miserable!  Then we packed up and headed 20 miles down the road to stay in a cabin at Hunting Island with friends.  Hunting Island is farther south and very windy.  By the time we arrived most of the pollen had blown away.  So even though I wasn’t able to post last week we did enjoy some very nice bike rides across shady palm-laden trails.

By the time we returned to town the worst of the pollen was gone! So yesterday I was able to take the usual route… and breathe while doing it.  Yippee!

View from a biking field trip at Hunting Island.


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    Anne Bingham said,

    And now we have the pollen here in Wisconsin! The good news is that it can’t get much worse; those birch flowers probably will be gone by the end of the weekend. Redbuds are out (they’re probably long gone where you are) and the bike is in the garage just waiting for the wind to shift from the northeast (over Lake Michigan).

    Keep up the posts, Kami! I need the encouragement!

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      kamikinard said,

      Pollen mostly gone here and biking mostly back to normal. Sound like you’ll be putting wheels to pavement soon. Go for it!

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