Something Beautiful

It rained here all morning (again) but the sky was blue and beautiful by the time my children were out of school.  Maybe that is why my daughter noticed the tree full of pink blooms on our way home. “Can we get a tree like that?” she asked.

We were moving too fast for me to see what kind of tree it was, but I resolved to check it out from the vantage point of a bike rider later.  Of course I should have known that it would be the “loveliest of trees”.  As beautiful as this cherry tree was from a car window, its gorgeous blossoms looked even more beautiful against sky.

And it was a particularly nice ride because I somehow convinced my teenaged son, whose birthday is TODAY to go with me.  (Of course the PE department at his school had my back.  He has to fill out a weekly exercise log!)

There is always something beautiful to see on the bike route.  I’m over halfway through the proposed timeline for this blog and every time I roll back into my driveway, I am still glad that I made the effort to roll out of it to begin with.


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  1. 1

    Very nice. I am glad you’re back.

  2. 2

    Anne Bingham said,

    Somewhere there are trees in BLOOM????


  3. 3

    kamikinard said,

    Yes there are! You inspired me to add more photos!

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