Red at Night

Anyone who blogs about the world around them should keep a camera with them at all times.  Because today when I tried to work in a last-minute ride I ran out of the door without one.  The ride was about half over when I rounded a corner changing my traveling direction from  north to west and saw the pinkest sky I have ever seen.  So I had to pedal home as fast as I could to get the camera before the sun finished setting even though I knew the lens couldn’t really capture the intensity of the color I saw.  (It didn’t!)

Still, I couldn’t help sharing this with you.  There is something about the sun setting over the marsh that brings peace.  I discovered this when we first moved here and lived for a short time in a home overlooking the marsh.  It was extremely therapeutic to sit on the porch at sunset! 

I was reminded of this today when I got off of my bike and walked to the water to take pictures.  In a season that is all hustle, the moment of peace I unexpectedly found on the bike route was welcome.

Whether you travel by bike, car, train, plane, or foot, here’s hoping you will find an unexpected moment of peace this season too.

I can’t help including the rather blurry one below because it is so beautiful!


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  1. 1

    Leslie Drummond said,

    Hi, Kami,
    I just heard about your website and blog from Ross, so I had to look you up, of course. I’m very impressed and proud of you! From now on, I’ll be keeping up with all of your doings.

  2. 3

    Lovely post! Thank you for reminding me and others about random joy!

  3. 4

    kamikinard said,

    Thanks Penny, Your comment makes me want to sing:

    What the world… needs now… is ran-dom joy…

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