Bright Spot in a Rainy Week

There are a lot of places I’ve thought about taking the hot pink bike, but I never considered taking it to the stage.  Luckily for me and a lot of other folks between Wilmington NC and Jacksonville Florida there are bikers out there who aren’t afraid to take their bikes off-road.

On Wednesday night I went to hear cellist Ben Sollee perform at the Arts Council of Beaufort County.  Ben is a professional musician who decided to take a break from a musician’s hectic air travel schedule to do a tour of the coastal Southeast.  But Ben and the three others he rides with are getting from gig to gig on this tour via long-frame bikes.  The bikes are large enough to accomodate all of the equipment needed to perform including a drum and a cello.  The bike pictured above was featured in one song during the concert when the percussionist used the bike bell to accompany the cello!

This tour is titled Pedaling Against Poverty and Ben is hoping to raise awareness  and to  buy a bike for Oxfam America Unwrapped at each stop with a portion of concert proceeds.

I had never heard of Oxfam America Unwrapped, but this organization purchases bikes for people in third world countries where a bike will help improve their quality of life by giving them transportation.  It is a great idea!

I spoke to Ben very briefly after the concert and he said that he had no training as an athlete but that biking was just something he enjoyed.  He even mentioned that maybe I could work up to a longer distance.  While I can’t imagine pedaling from Charleston to Beaufort, which is the distance he had gone before performing, I guess I should keep aspiring to longer rides!

It has been, and still is, a rainy week.  But talking to people who are using their love for riding bikes to bring music to communities and bikes to impoverished people was a very welcomed ray of  light.

To learn more about Pedaling Against Poverty go to:


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