There is a corner on the bike route that I’ve recently become hesitant to turn.  Today, I deemed it safe because a cat sat in the front yard.

But a few days ago, just as I was making the turn, a big brindled dog shot across the road right in front of me.  He was so fast and so focused that if a car had been coming he would have been road kill.  The dog’s bark was ferocious.  Luckily he wasn’t barking at or focusing on me. 

Instead, he was telling off a Chihuahua, whose yip was so high that he sounded more toy than dog.  From the safety of his chain-linked yard, the Chihuahua was giving it right back to the big dog.  I could hear the shouts of the big dog and the screams of the smaller one all the way back home.

Every time I get ready to turn on that street I look for the big dog.  His posture, his bark, his stride, held such power.  I’m not sure I could out distance him if he chose to pick an argument with me instead of a Chihuahua.  But something about the scene stuck with me – the big dog’s power and the little dog’s tenacity.  So I worked these two characters into my most recent manuscript.

Writers never know where their manuscripts will end up or how far they will go.  But I do know that had I not been on my bike I would have missed out on writing a great scene. As a writer, being outside awakens me.  This is a big reason why, despite my failings, I have been able to stick with the bike route. I know that what I see and hear while exercising often offers a source of inspiration for my writing.  I’m sure it’s enriching to people in other professions too.

So… go forth and exercise!


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    Lena said,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I needed that. And I’m going out right now for a walk down to the lake. 🙂

  2. 3

    every time I read your blog, or just read the TITLE of your blog, I am inspired to exercise. And today, you’ve inspired me to keep a watch out for writing inspiration as I do it, too. Nice post! 🙂


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