I’ve always loved a mystery. Maybe it’s because I made enough trips to the library as a child to read every single Nancy Drew Mystery. And every Bobsy Twins Mystery… and all of the Hardy Boys. Maybe it’s because when I found the complete Sherlock Holmes on my father’s bookshelf I read it from cover to cover. I’ve even written mysteries. Six of them are being published by Putnam in the first two volumes of The Adventures of Dreadlock Jones. I guess I just I love wondering why.

And now The Hot Pink Bike Route has presented me with a mystery! The first clue was this:

crime scene

You probably don’t recognize this scene of the crime. Last time you saw it, it looked like this:


And the time before that it looked like this:


But now the sign is gone, completely. The first picture you saw is the former location of the sign. I wondered why the owners of the sign decided to remove it. It has, after all, been there for so long. Maybe they saw my blog and felt embarrassed. Nah… Maybe it had rotted and wouldn’t stick in the ground anymore…  I kept my eyes and ears open, folks. Even so, I was very surprised when I saw this:

Ah ha!

Yes, look closely. That is the sign in question. And it is on the porch of a house fairly far away from the yard it used to grace. A different street even.

Why is the sign in a this new location?  I wonder why. I wonder why….

All I know is this: If I hadn’t been out on my bike, I would have never pedaled across the mystery. 


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    This is fab! I am “lmao”, as the saying goes!

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