Another Day, Another Ride

mansion, and moss

Beaufort SC is the perfect location for celebrating Halloween.  The Antebellum mansions, huge oaks with twisting branches, and clumps of Spanish moss swaying overhead like gray ghosts all help create the Beaufort’s spooky aura. (Never mind her bloody history of pirates and war.)  So I was motivated to ride today by thinking it would be neat to photograph some particularly well-decorated houses for the blog.

I seemed like a great idea!  I grabbed a camera and got the entire family to go along.  Unfortunately, while my idea was probably great yesterday, it wasn’t so hot today.  Because it turns out that most people do not wait until their pumpkins are moldy habitats for 10 million fruit flies before discarding them.

So this was the best picture I could get.  I’m not joking.

pumkins and pizza!

The party's over...

 Until I got home…

impaled pumpkins

impaled pumpkins

Don’t worry folks; we’ll throw the jack-o-lanterns away when you can’t see them for the flies.  In the meantime, if you want to see Halloween decorations in Beaufort, you’re going to have to hop on a bike and ride by my house.  None of this matters though!  What matters is this: another day, another ride.




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