Back on the Bike

fair 015I hate to report that this weekend was total wash as far as The Hot Pink Bike Route was concerned.  I left Friday AM to the SC State Fair. So unless hiking two miles on concrete in search of a deep-fried snickers is considered exercise, I didn’t get any.  (Yes, the deep-fried snickers sounds repulsive, but I felt compelled to satisfy my curiosity.  Had I known that they came on a stick and looked like a corndog, I wouldn’t have been so curious. And yes, they are as repulsive as they sound. My 13-year-old son wouldn’t even eat it.  I’m happy to say it ended up in the trash.)

After leaving the kitchy State Fair, I headed for kitchy Myrtle Beach for a writer’s conference where I saw the beach… but didn’t walk on it. 

View from my window.

View from my window.

Then, because I followed Google Maps instead of Map Quest directions home, a 3.5 hour drive became a 5 hour drive and so I got home too late to bike. 

But the good news is that today I did ride!  Here’s my favorite thing I saw today:

Roots seeking water in the middle of the street.

Roots seeking water in the middle of the street.

Despite my weekend hiatus, I feel successful to have gotten back on the proverbial horse!


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    deep fried snickers…ugh. I’m a chocoholic and that even sounds nasty to me.

    How was the writing conference? Details!! 😉


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