Boo! And the Flu!

I pass these ghosts almost every day!  My fav. Halloween decoration yet!

I pass these ghosts almost every day! My fav. Halloween decoration yet!

This weekend my sister and brother in-law (and their German shepherd) had the misfortune of arriving at our house for a weekend visit about ten minutes before I realized my son was running a fever.  They were extremely gracious about it, digging in their heels and staying the whole weekend instead of heading back to Florida, like I might have done.

So on Saturday, my daughter, still motivated to ride her bike after the installation of The Seat®, insisted that those of us who were not stricken by the swine flu (or taking the latest victim to the doctor) ride downtown to a bazaar. Which is how three adults, one child, and a dog, were inspired to ride on a cold and cloudy morning. 

It took a lot of inspiration, I have to confess, since I had spent a large portion of the previous night cleaning up vomit and being afraid to go to sleep because my other child’s fever was so high.  Of course it ended up feeling great to get out of the house! 

Plus, I felt that I had to get those rides in today and yesterday.  Because if the flu strikes me, I know I won’t be getting on the bike.  Blog or no blog.

Carpe diem, fellow exercisers!


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    Anne Bingham said,

    Hope you’re feeling better, Kami K. I thought I was coming down with it yesterday, but by late afternoon I felt better and got out the bike and rode to Walgreen’s for an errand (1.5 miles each way via the bike trail). I felt great when I came back.

    And today I was tired but really wanted to drive to the bank and the library but I made myself bike again! The fact that it was sunny and almost warm helped!

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’m hoping you all feel better soon. (It might be a rotovirus instead of H1N1.)

    • 2

      kamikinard said,

      That’s great Anne. Making myself go on little errands is always good motivation. You did it twice in one day! That’s great. (It’s the swine flu :(. Husband and child have been tested!)

  2. 4

    centria said,

    Oh no, what a foiled visit But it sounds like you made the best of things. Love your blog The Hot Pink Bike Route. That’s a great idea. When did you start your year? How far into it are you? Good luck! Kathy

    • 5

      kamikinard said,

      Thanks for stopping in Kathy. I starting trying to ride every day in mid August when my children started back to school and started blogging about it in mid September. So I’m about 2 mons into the ride and 1.5 mons mons into the blog! We did make the best of the visit and so far my in-laws have not gotten sick!

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