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Today is “Blog Action Day” and I signed up The Hot Pink Bike Route, even though it is a tiny blog just starting out.  But this year’s topic, Climate Change, is extremely appropriate for a blog about biking! 

Most posts that you see here are simply about biking for the exercised challenged.  But biking is also a great way to contribute to a cleaner world and help our suffering ozone layer.

While the primary reason I bike is for my own health, I know it would help the planet for me to choose to ride instead of drive when I can.  I know this better today than yesterday because here is some of the data I found while researching for this post.

Using a bicycle to commute four days a week for four miles (one-way) saves 54 gallons of gas annually.

The energy and resources needed to build one medium-sized car could produce 100 bicycles.

Most ozone pollution is caused by motor vehicles, which account for 72% of nitrogen oxides and 52% of reactive hydrocarbons (principal components of smog).

These are just a few of the arguments for biking you will find if you visit

I found a lot of other great motivational information about biking while doing research, and I’m sure some of it will work its way into future posts.  But for now, I am hoping that the knowledge I gained will motivate me to put up the keys and put on the helmet a little more frequently. And that the thousands of voices speaking out today will promote change.

To learn more about Blog Action Day visit

“This is it. One day, one issue, thousands of voices.”


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    Nicely done, Kami 🙂

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