The Seat®

The Seat®

Last year, in an attempt to be fiscally practical, I purchased the cheapest bike I could find. It cost $50, brand new, at a certain famous discount store.  Since it looked as good as the next bike, I thought I had a bargain.

The first time I rode it the right pedal fell off.  This was on a family excursion, so I pressed on, not wanting to spoil the outing.  On the return ride home I experienced severe derrière discomfort.  My husband traded bikes with me, pedaled for about a block, and declared that he was riding the rest of the way standing up.

The next time I visited my parents I described the  “bargain bike” to my father. He went to a closet and came back carrying The Seat®.  Someone had given it to him for a holiday and he said he wasn’t ever going to use it.  He gave it to us.

 The Seat®, which still had the tag on it, promised to:

“have been endorsed by physicians.”

“reduce the risk of impotency.”

“solve the problem of bike seat discomfort.”

I took The Seat® and was heading to my car with it when my sister stopped me.  “Hey, what are you doing? We gave that to Dad for Christmas a few years ago. It was expensive!” 

So much for avoiding bike seat discomfort.

It turns out that The Seat® cost $50.  It’s kind of funny to put a $50 seat on a $50 bike, but I did it.  And I had some very comfortable rides as a result.  Until the left pedal fell off.  And the brakes stopped working. Which wasn’t all that long after installing The Seat®.  

This is just the beginning the story about The Seat® and how it influenced The Hot Pink Bike Route.  But it’s the end of this post.  Because blog posts are supposed to be short and this one already isn’t!


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  1. 1

    Donna Earnhardt said,

    “…because blog posts are supposed to be short and this one already isn’t!”

    LOVE IT!! Of course, I might love it b/c my blog posts are rarely short and I like knowing I’m not the only one. 🙂

    The seat sounds like something I could use!


  2. 2

    Donna Earnhardt said,

    BTW — I saw on your site that you have written for the Pen and Pallete. I was the designer for a couple of years for the P&P! I’m in NC (near Charlotte). Nice to see another “Carolina” chapters gal on here! 🙂

  3. 4

    Anne Bingham said,

    We have a de-accessed computer we bought from a friend’s law firm years ago when they upgraded; it cost us $50. The flat-screen monitor I bought for it cost $400!

    My dad used to sing a Western song about “a ten-dollar horse and a forty-dollar saddle.” That’s what your old bike, and our still-current family computer, remind me of!

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