Sorry? Always…and Never!


Keeping in mind that this is a blog for the exercise-challenged, I’m going to be honest and admit that I didn’t ride yesterday.  Like most of the country,  Beaufort was blanketed with rain clouds.  It was wet wet wet.

Yet there were small lapses in the rain where I could have gone out and ridden.  But I didn’t.  At the end of the day I was sorry that I’d made this choice.

Today is also wet, but I pushed myself outside and hopped on the bike.  I passed these bright berries along the way.  Every time I ride I see or hear something amazing.  I am never sorry to have gone.

I am always sorry when I don’t ride.  I am never sorry when I do.  So why does it continue to be a challenge some days to make myself do it?


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    Anne Bingham said,

    I’m so proud of your for keeping going! We had rain here the past two days–and 40 degree temps and high winds–so I allowed myself to wimp out. But tomorrow I will ride to the store. I will. I will!

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