Agnother Gnome?

What's this?Most writers cannot resist extending a theme and I am no exception.  So after seeing the gnome in the masterfully landscaped yard mentioned in my last post, I decided to be on the lookout for more gnomes… just to see if, by chance, they were working their magic in any other yards along the route. So when I first saw what appeared to be a red cap peeking from a particularly lush clump of vegetation, I initially thought it was a gnome.  I’m not kidding.  Really.

And when I saw this, I really had to wonder… but not necessarily about gnomes…

Agnother Gnome?

What I was wondering was something more like, “Do firefighters carry hedge clippers in their trucks?”  Hey, at the rate that cities are consolidating services, I wouldn’t be surprised.

But the real point of all of this is:  I rode. I saw things. I’m still motivated. Happy weekend everyone!


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    There is a gnome at the house across the street. I think they move it around at night, because once every two or three days, it is in a differrent place. The house is for sale, but has no landscaping. Is there something in this? Still loving reading your posts!

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    Donna Earnhardt said,

    I am envious! You are doing what you need to. Good job! I am supposed to be doing my Wii fit every night. I’ve made it twice this week. 🙂


    • 3

      kamikinard said,

      Hi Donna,
      We bought a Wii fit last Christmas and I have used it exactly 0 times. Once I found out it had a scale in it I couldn’t make myself get on it. (Yes, I know it’s crazy.) I hate scales so much that part of the Hot Pink Bike Route is to avoid them! I’m aiming for a different goal this time. I’m just trying for better exercise habits at this point. So far, so good!

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