The Biggest Challenge

bikeThe problem with exercise routines is that you have to keep exercising.  If you stop, it’s no longer a routine.  It becomes something that you describe with the phrase “I used to…” tacked to the beginning of your description.  I have a lot of experience using that phrase.

We start our routines with the best of intentions, just as I did when I started this blog.  But I faced my biggest challenge today.  I couldn’t ride my bike Saturday because I was at a conference.  I got home yesterday around 5:00 pm and I could have ridden, but didn’t.  I’d had only 5 hours of sleep the night before and I’d driven 5 1/2 to get home.  Plus I needed to proof The Pedigru Review, a literary journal, that had to be at the printers this morning. Excuses.

It is the first time since I started this routine that I missed riding for two days in a row.  To be completely honest I had to struggle to make myself go out there today.  It didn’t seem worth it.  This is the danger of breaking with a routine.  We get tired and busy and if we accept an excuse one day, we come up with a better one the next.

But during the ride I dodged a spiderweb, a bumblebee  bumbled into my shoulder, and the wind wafted the smell of pluff mud, a pungent but somehow not unpleasant aroma distinctive to marshes, my way.  I got out there and interacted with the world.  It was worth it.


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