She Huffed and She Puffed… last year!

Glories from the RR track
Glories from the RR track

My daughter is a member of a Girl Scout troop that meets in the third story of an old building with no elevator. We had the first meeting of the year the other night. I had to climb the staircase twice because when you get to the top of a long staircase you always realize that you’ve left something in your car.  Anyway, I was telling my husband that it was the first time I remembered getting to the top of those stairs without being completely winded, and I thought my 31 days of biking probably had something to do with it. He told me I really needed to put that in my blog. So here it is! My first measurable result: Able to Climb Stairs Without Gasping at the Top.

Days since I committed to riding every day: 34

Days since I started blogging about it: 13

Days I have actually ridden: 31

Given my past spotty exercise habits, I’m encouraged!


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    Wow! You should be very proud of yourself!

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    Anne Bingham said,

    My walking partner AKA Personal Trainer remarked this morning that she thought my biking was increasing my stamina, too! I’m not so sure; I suspect the 50 degree temps and tailwind was helping, but it was a nice comment and maybe, now that I’ve seen your post about stair climbing, I’ll give her post more credence!

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