Destination Equals Motivation… Sometimes

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Make sure that your destination is really motivating and not punishing.  Today I’ll share a destination that did not work out so well for me.  I was taking a writing workshop at a gallery downtown. I had to go there anyway, I would save gas, and I’d get to ride along the beautiful marsh. Perfect motivation!

My mother-in-law was visiting and she asked me if I was sure I wanted to arrive at the workshop sweaty.  So I did what most people do when their mother-in-law asks a valid question.  I completely dismissed her, replying that writers generally don’t care what people look like. (Which is pretty true.)

I arrived at the gallery right on time, went to the door, and found it locked. After making a call on my cell, I discovered I was standing in front of the wrong gallery.  The gallery I was looking for was ten blocks away.  At this point I was late.  When using a car for transportation, running late and being ten blocks away from your destination isn’t so bad.  It is a different story when you have to madly pedal to keep from being obscenely late.

You know how I said in an earlier post that one of the best things about biking was you don’t notice the sweating until after you stop pedaling?  Well, this doesn’t hold true when you walk into a workshop late.  After 5 minutes of sweating (and panting) I had to excuse myself to go take a mini shower in the sink located under the stairs.  Though I’m still pretty sure my writer friends did not care how I looked, it didn’t keep me from wishing I’d left the hot pink bike at home that day.

Lesson Learned: When using destination for motivation make sure to have the right location.


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    Christy said,

    yes, toatally have the correct location, but if mother-in-law is involved, always do the opposite, no matter what. Sweat is always better than MIL advice. :0) Dang. There I go w/ the dysfunctional advice again. Anway, I still think it’s true. Good for you!

    Christy (via verla kay)

    • 2

      kamikinard said,

      To be honest, I didn’t expect to have that mad dash at the end of the ride, and I totally underestimated the productivity of my sweat glands!
      Thanks for stopping by Christy. See you on Verla’s.

  2. 3

    Katherine said,

    What a fun intro to blogging. This is my first, and I appreciate your showing me how easy it is. I adore the blog’s non-sweaty exercise premise and especially the color of your bike. Can’t ramble on, as work calls. More later…

  3. 4

    Faye said,

    You pegged me right – love seeing you in any old clothes. Seriously, I do enjoy knowing you and thanks for the encouragement about writing. This is also my intro to the fun new game of blogging.

  4. 5

    kamikinard said,

    Thanks Faye! See you soon, I hope! You are welcome for the well deserved encouragement.

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