Destination Equals Motivation


It’s hard to get motivated to bike some days because it’s hard to type a novel while gripping handlebars.  And I need to finish my novel. 

 So sometimes I motivate myself by creating a destination.  Yesterday I needed to return two library books that had vacationed in a zipped-up backpack all summer. Luckily the nice librarians entered them as “claimed returned” a month or two ago so that my fine would stop mounting.  But these books, especially Savvy, needed to get back into the hands of young readers!  So yesterday I had a destination.  And a destination is in and of itself a motivation.

It takes me a little over 15 minutes to bike to the library where bikes can park for free, and 7 minutes to drive there where you have to meter feed.  So biking seems to be a no-brainer.  Unfortunately I still have to psyche myself up to do it…

Some days, my destination is the bank.  And yes, I do go through the drive-through lane! If you like making people smile you should try this.

I’ve found that it doesn’t really matter what the destination is, once you have one you have a goal.  And a goal equals motivation.  So Destination equals motivation!


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    Hey! Off to a good start. Already a couple comments!

    The dog sign post is the best one yet.

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