Top Five Reasons Biking is the Perfect Exercise for People Who Don’t Really Like Exercising and Are Therefore Always Finding Excuses Not To.


bike5.  It’s Cheap.

(I’ve spent a lot more money on gym memberships I didn’t use than I’ve spent on my bike.  Besides, you probably already have one gathering dust in your garage.)

 4.  It’s Convenient.

(Can’t use the “I don’t have time to go to the gym,” excuse.  Because the bike is right out in your yard/ garage/ shed.  You can get there as quickly as you can walk to the ‘fridge for that snack you shouldn’t have.)

 3.  It’s Green.

(No burning of fossil fuels required to get from your home to the place you exercise.)

 2.  It’s Interesting.

(Every piece of exercise equipment we’ve purchased has eventually been given away. We’re not alone either.  I’ve been to Goodwills where there were entire rooms of retired exercise machines.  Yeah, I know you can theoretically watch TV etc. while using said machines.  But the fact remains; you never leave the same 15 square feet of space.  Since I know this in my head, it’s hard to get my body onto the machine.  But every time I get on the bike, I know I’m going to see something interesting.)

 1.  It’s a Cool Way to Make Your Own Wind.

(I don’t like to sweat.  I’ll probably mention this a lot.  But when you’re biking there is always a breeze on your face!  And you really don’t notice the sweating until you stop pedaling – even in hot and balmy Beaufort SC. This, to me, is the best thing about biking!)


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    Heather said,

    My husband just bought a great bike and rode to work for the first time today! “It’s Cheap” because it’ll save gas and “It’s Green” because it’ll save gas. Sweet.

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